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Toronto GIF Booth

PictureX offers a modern alternative to the outdated photo booths of the past.  We are a combination of high quality photos, a stylish setup and the best customer service in the business. There are many fly-by-night photo booths out there that take the most amount of money while offering the least amount of service.  Here at PictureX we live and breath photo booths and photography.  We are dedicated to offering our clients the best possible service and affordable packages while also knowing when to embrace the silly side of life. A great photo booth experience should be both fun and professional!

Photo Quality

modern toronto photo booth

At events we often hear "The quality of these photos is WAY better than other photo booths I've used! Many factors can lead to poor photo quality from the equipment and lighting to print design and staff knowledge.  We use DSLR cameras, strobe lighting and printers designed specifically for event photography. Many people get into this business without any photography knowledge and it shows in the final product. The people behind PictureX are photographers and we know your memories deserve the very best!


custom photo booth

Whether you are planning your dream wedding, putting on a theme party or heading up a branded event for a high profile client, PictureX will be able to customize your photo booth experience to your unique needs.  We have a variety of backdrop and props available in-house to use and if we don't have what you are looking for, we offer custom upgrades.  All of our printing packages also include fully custom designed print strips.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can make your photo ideas come to life!


Our photo booth is a top of the line booth from the design to the functionality. We lovingly refer to it as the Mercedes Benz of the photo booth world!  It is sleek, modern, clean and looks great in all types of events. If white doesn't fit with your event, we have options to fully vinyl wrap the booth from head to toe with your designs and/or branding.  

There are MANY booths out there that are big, ugly and unorganized.  We know that you spent A LOT of time planning and decorating your event to look perfect, why let an unattractive photo booth ruin the aesthetic you worked so hard at!  We also display our props in a much more organized way to keep the entire area looking clean and organized.  Props on a table end up in a messy pile and (in our opinion) looking like a rummage sale instead of an inviting guest experience. We take pride in our presentation and strive to compliment your event in every way!

Below are some examples of our booths set up at different events.

Social Sharing Photo Booth Set Up
Modern Wedding Toronto
Wedding Photo Booth
Floral Photo Booth Toronto


Toronto Wedding Photo Booth
Modern Toronto Photo Booth
Modern Photo Booth
Modern Photo Booth Toronto



We work with the most amazing clients and have loved customizing unique photo features for all of them! Not only have we worked with hundreds of amazing Brides & Grooms, we also work with companies and PR firms to create truly one of a kind experiences for their clients and guests at events of all types. We work hard to ensure you get the best service and a fully customized experience!


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