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Photos are great.  Moving photos?  Even better!  GIF booths are a super fun way to supply a unique and dynamic photo feature for your guests.  You can add a GIF feature to a standard photo booth for both instant prints and instant GIF sharing capabilities! 


boomerang GIF Booth Toronto

Boomerang GIFs are fun, dynamic and very in demand right now!  They work by taking a quick burst of photos that are put together as a short "video" clip that plays forwards and backwards over and over. Inspired by Instagram, these GIFs are always a hit at all events!  We offer Boomerang GIF Booths on their own with digital sharing, or you can add the Boomerang capability onto a photo booth rental! Unlike standard GIFs, Boomerangs are created separately from the photo session so the guests get two services with each session.  GIFs can be simple, or branded any way your heart desires.  Have something very specific in mind? Let us know!  We love creating custom, memorable experiences.

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Boomerang Booth Toronto
Toronto Boomerang Booth
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GIF Booth Toronto


Standard GIF Booth Toronto

Standard GIFs operate in the same way as a photo booth.  The booth will take 3 or 4 photos and our software DIY's the photos together to create a looping GIF.  The Booth prints out a custom print strip for the guests and the GIF is instantly available at the sharing station(s) for guests to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and/or email to themselves.  GIFS can be simple or branded any way that you like!

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Toronto GIF Booth
Toronto GIF booth rental


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GIF Booth Toronto
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Boomerang GIF Booth Toronto