photo booth questions


Can I see a portfolio or examples of your photos?

Unfortunately there are many low budget photo booth rentals out there.  Did you know that some companies even use stock photos on their website to make it look like their quality is better than it is!?  A portfolio or access to past event galleries ensures that you know exactly what quality you will be receiving!

Your event is important to you and you are spending money on a photo booth for you and your guests, so why would you accept low quality photos?  A lot of things can ruin photos from budget equipment to poor lighting.  Any company that is not proudly displaying their photos for everyone to see probably has something to hide.


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photobooth rental toronto

What are my backdrop and prop optionS?

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You could have the highest quality camera and the photos could still be ruined by low-end, wrinkled backdrops and dollar store props. Ask to see examples of both of these before booking with any company.  To save money, many companies use dollar bin props that are not modern or high quality at all which results in photos that are not unique and look bad. We love offering higher end, modern options with unique prop items that you won't find with many other companies. We are also always happy to work with clients to acquire or create custom props for any theme or occasion.


what does your setup look like?

To the same effect as photo quality, you are probably making sure your event looks PERFECT.  A clunky, old photo booth or a disorganized, ugly set-up can ruin the look you have spent time and money creating.  A clean, organized and modern photo booth adds to the overall appeal and feel of your event!  We also have added branding options to fully blend into a branded or themed event. Check out our ABOUT page to see some examples of our clean and modern booth set-ups.


Customer Service: In-office and at events

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OK, so this isn't really a question that you can ask a company, but pay attention to the level of customer service you receive when looking for a photo booth company to hire.  And keep in mind that the office customer service is one thing, but the on-site staff running the event are just as, if not more important to bring their A+ customer service game!  We understand the importance of professional AND fun staff at an event and we pay our attendant well to ensure our staff will be representing our company well and helping your guests have a memorable time.


The other aspect that you might not think about is having technologically savvy attendants that are trained and able to handle any electronic glitches that may arise.  Our attendants know how to have fun with your guests while also understanding the technical side to ensure that everything runs smoothly!  We engage and talk with guests instead of just sitting in the corner letting guest fend for themselves.  This is all a part of our premium service that we offer!


How many prints are included in the price?

Many photo booth companies will include 2 print strips in the price of their rental and charge extra for unlimited strips. That means that if there are more than 2 people in the photo, they have to fight over who gets one. PictureX includes UNLIMITED print strips in all of our printing packages.  This means that if there are 10 people in a photo, we will print 10 print strips so everyone gets one! No one leave empty handed :) 

Unlimited Print Strips


custom photobooth

Adding a personal touch to your photos is great.  Having complete custom designed prints that matches your theme or brand? Even better!  Custom print design is included in all of our printing packages.  You can see some examples of our print designs at the following link, but really, there are no limits to what we can create for you.



What else is included in the price?

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You want to make sure that you will be receiving everything you need for your guests to receive the full photo booth experience.  There will obviously be some upgrades you can choose from, but having the booth, setup/tear down, attendants, props and a backdrop are necessities that should be included in all basic package.  Our standard packages include everything you need for a good time!


What is the quality of THE equipment used?

Modern Toronto Photo Booth

We lovingly refer to our booths as the Mercedes of the photo booth world :)  Below is some information on the equipment that we use. 

Camera: The camera is obviously one of the biggest things that contributes to the overall quality of the photos.  We use Canon DSLR's in all of our booths which offer superior, professional quality photos.

Printer: The printer is important for a few different reasons.  Quality, speed and reliability.  Dye Sublimation printers are basically a standard for photo booths for all of the above listed reasons.  We use DNP DS620A in our booths that is a top of the line event printer. It is fast and efficient without sacrificing quality at all!  Our back-up printers are HiTi P510 Dye Sub Event Printers.

Lighting: Lighting is a huge factor and most of the time, continuous lighting is not enough to deliver clear, high quality photos.  A strobe photography flash 'freezes' the action and ensures that subjects are well lit.