Photo Booth FAQ's

Where can I access the pictures from an event I attended?

Within 24 hours after the event that you attended, all of the pictures will be posted in an online photo album on our website. Click on the button called "Event Galleries" in our navigation bar.  You will see different categories.  Click on either Events or Weddings and the newest albums are listed at the top.

When do pictures from an event get posted?

We post our pictures within 24 hours after an event. Normally, pictures are posted within a few hours after the event, but they will be up absolutely no later than 24 hours after an event.

How do I download pictures for free?

If there is a particular picture(s) that you wanted to download, click on the thumbnail of that picture to make it appear in the larger viewing window.  Below the photo at the bottom right there are a few icons. Click on the icon of the arrow with a line under it to download! The free downloads are full resolution and can be used make prints of your own. You can also just right click and 'save as' any photo that you like for a smaller file.

Are you an actual booth?

We are not a small, enclosed booth like the ones you see at the mall. We are like a professional, portable photography studio! We use all professional photography equipment from the camera and lights to the backdrops and editing software. And we are photographers too! When you hire us, you get your own pro photo session brought right to you! To prove it, we actually encourage you to go look at the photos of our competitors and compare them to our photos! Seriously. Go. We will wait….

What did I tell you!? Our photos come out far superior to much of the competitors and why shouldn't they? A Photo Booth doesn't cost you pennies, why should you get something worth pennies out of it? You should get amazing, professional photos that you and your guests will be proud to show off!

Our Booth is called an "open air" booth and you can see some photos of our setup on our ABOUT page

How many people can we fit in your photo booth?

Lots. We are typically set up to fit around 4 – 5 people comfortably, but because we use professional equipment, we can adjust each picture to fit more or less people. I believe the maximum we have fit was 20 people in one picture. Care to challenge that record?

What Size Area do you need to set up?

The more room the better, especially if you want on-site printing and want to fit a lot of people in the booth, but we can adapt to smaller and even some awkward spaces. For best results, an area 10' x 10' is requested. If you aren't sure where to put the booth, ask your wedding planner on the on-site cooridinator where photo booths have typically been placed in the past to give you an idea! It's always best to have the photo booth in a dedicated area, not beside a food table, dance floor, etc. Photo booths are VERY popular and we tend to draw a crowd. you don't want guests witing in line to get in the way of other features at your event.

Can I customize the pictures?

At PictureX we are ALL about the customization! We want your pictures to come out uniquely yours! We have a wide variety of in-house backdrops and props and can customize prints with borders, text and logos to make your pictures truly yours. We can match corporate branding and include logos and text of your choice.

If you want your photos to be completely unique or if you have a theme you really want to bring out, we can even create a custom backdrop and/or props specifically for your event! (for an additional cost)

How do I buy prints, canvases or merchandise from your website?

If there is a specific picture you want to print, click it to make it appear in the large display window.  Above the picture you will see a “Add To Cart” button.  Click this button to access a drop down menu and you can choose to buy just that one photo or to buy multiple photos from the gallery. 

If you just want the one photo, choose “This Photo” from the drop down menu and all of the print options will appear.  At the top of the print option page, you will see another tab that says “Merchandise” which is where you can find the option to print on mugs, t-shirts, cards, etc etc.

If you wanted to create custom Thank You card, instead of clicking “This Photo” click “create a card” and it will take you through the steps to create your personalized cards. 

If you would like to print a few photos from the album choose the “Photos In This Gallery” in the drop down menu.  You will then be able to click all the photos you want to print and have all the options for printing on the right hand side.