Red Carpet Photography Toronto

Red Carpet (or Step & Repeat Photography) is a great way to get classy and fun photos at an event while staying within a smaller budget.

Think award shows; Backdrop, carpet, photographer with flash. This is a simpler set-up than the photo booth but can be more versatile since there is no "booth." A professional photographer is present and typically takes a combination of full body shots and head and shoulders shots. This is a perfect choice for capturing guests as they arrive at an event or at the receiving line of a wedding.

The difference between a Photo Booth and Red Carpet Photography is that red carpet has a live photographer taking the photos against a backdrop instead of the guests taking their own photos with an automated booth. Guests can download the photos after the event from our website for FREE.

Red Carpet Photography can also be added onto any Photo booth package to start out the night with!

Red Carpet Pricing

Red Carpet Photography DOES NOT include on-site prints, but guests can download photos for FREE from our website after the event.

Step and Repeat Red Carpet Pricing


  • ADDITIONAL OPERATIONAL HOURS: $100/hr (price drops to $50/hr after a 4 hour booking)
  • IDLE HOURS: $50/hr (Idle hours can be used for either early set-up or for breaks in service for speeches, dinner, etc)
  • PRINTING STATION: $300 (for up to the first 3 hours.  $100/hr after that)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA KIOSK: $150 each. Instantly share photos to Facebook, Twitter and email!

ALL OF OUR red carpet photography PACKAGES INCLUDE:

  • Delivery, set up and tear down
  • Professional photographer to ensure everything runs smoothly, assist with creative suggestions and handle any technical issues
  • Choice of in house backdrop to personalize your event. See our backdrops here:
  • All digital photos available on our website after your event where guests can download photos for FREE!
  • Online Zip file for the Event Planner/ Bride & Groom to be able to easily download all of the photos with one click for free.
  • Ability to buy prints, canvases and merchandise directly from the website to be delivered right to your door!